RUSSIA: Developers have claimed they can build projects at capital expenditure (Capex) costs ranging between RUR 59,339/kW (€804.07/kW) and RUR 130,404/kW (€1,767.04/kW) in the latest Russian tender. The Russian Association of the Wind Industry (RAWI) stated that bids between RUR 59,339/kW and RUR 80,305/kW were entered for 823.3MW – nearly the full 830MW allocation available […]

Russia tender hugely oversubscribed

Applications totalling 2.21GW have already been submitted in the procurement process, suggesting fierce competition. Successful bidders will secure power supply contracts, under which they will receive top-up payments for 15 years. Last year’s tender was divided among three large players: Finnish Fortum with Rusnano secured a 1GW portfolio of projects; VetroOGK, part of Rosatom, won […]

Global hydropower growth strong in 2017, according to IHA’s most recent survey

2017 was a banner year for hydroelectric power, with a record 4,185 TWh generated worldwide, according to the International Hydropower Association’s most recent Hydropower Status Report. The 2018 Hydropower Status Report, published today in conjunction with the Beijing Forum on Hydropower and Future Energy Systems, is the latest edition of IHA’s annual study and reveals […]

Hydro-Pumped Storage Plants Market to Grow at a CAGR of +10% During Forecast Period

Hydro-Pumped Storage Plants is a type of hydroelectric energy storage used by electric power systems for load balancing. The method stores energy in the form of gravitational potential energy of water, pumped from a lower elevation reservoir to a higher elevation. Low-cost surplus off-peak electric power is typically used to run the pumps. During periods […]

Enel Russia plans to put into operation wind farm in Rostov region in 2020

The wind park located in the Murmansk region is expected to be put into operation in December 2021. “The first wind farm will be commissioned in December 2020, the second one, in Murmansk, is scheduled for December 2021,” she noted. Earlier it was reported that Enel Russia was investing €132 million in a project for […]