Year-round strawberry: how to stand out on the Russian agrarian market

Russia’s largest strawberry growing farm will appear in the Stavropol territory. It’s Stavropol Flavour. It is planned to grow berries in greenhouses. The first yield is to be harvested in March 2019. Owner: Oksana Fedoseyeva. Oksana Fedoseyeva is the head of Vostock Capital Ltd. Her business is the organisation of international investment forums. And one […]

Transneft Siberia has obtained an approval from the Russian General Board of State Expert Review on the design documentation of the Surgut-Polotsk pipeline reconstruction.

The project stipulates for the replacement of a 20km line section of the Surgut-Polotsk main with a calibre at 1200 mm and further connection of the section to the operating pipeline. The Surgut-Polotsk main is the oil pipeline connecting Russia’s Western Siberia to Belarus. The Siberian oil is transferred to Belarus via the pipeline and […]

Chernomortransneft has started building six storage tanks at Sheskharis terminal

Chernomortransneft has initiated the construction of six vertical storage tanks as of 30k cbm each at Grushovaya site within the framework of the package Sheskharis reconstruction programme. The reservoirs are designed for diesel fuel and gasoline storage. Phase one is scheduled for 2019, whereas phase 2 – for 2020. Groundworks are currently underway. Moreover, Grushovaya […]

Kemerovo Azot will invest in hydrogen

Kemerovo Azot intends to build new facilities totalling 6 bn RUB. This money will be spent on the construction of nitric acid and hydrogen units. The financial partner to the project is VTB. The enterprise has concluded contracts for equipment design and delivery, and for the construction of combined units with Linde AG, KBR and […]

URALCHEM has spent 270m RUB on environmental, energy saving and resource economy projects

URALCHEM carried on financing nature protection, energy saving and resource economy in 2017. Top priorities include mitigation of environmental impact and smart use of natural and energy sources. A total of 270m RUB were allocated on these objectives last year. The company carries out regular work for enhancing process flows and upgrading and restoring waste […]

Republika Srpska, Serbia to discuss joint construction of HPPs Paunci, Foča – minister

The governments of Republika Srpska and Serbia will discuss the joint construction of the Paunci and Foča hydropower plants on the upper Drina river at their next session, Petar Đokić, the Bosnian Serb entity’s energy minister, has told MPs. Đokić said that he hopes by the time the session is held, a negotiating procedure will […]