Consultant selected to help award EUR 200 million HPP Dabar project

Hidroelektrana Dabar has selected a consortium led by AF-Consult Switzerland Ltd. in tendering to provide legal, financial, and technical advisory services in the process of awarding a turnkey/engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for a 160 MW Dabar hydropower plant (HPP Dabar), according to the website of Hidroelektrana Dabar, which operates as part of Hidroelektrane […]

Roghun hydropower plant ready to generate electricity

A group of journalists arrived in the Roghun hydropower plant site on November 14 in order to see firsthand how the first facility of the Roghun power plant is being prepared for introducing into operation, reports. An official launch of the first unit of the Roghun HPP into operation is set for November 16 […]

Russia’s harvest of greenhouse vegetables continues to grow

Production of greenhouse vegetables in 2018 may set a new record. As of 8th November 2018, in comparison to the same period of the previous year, harvests increased 27.3% at a total of 839400 tonnes according to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture. Of this harvest, cucumbers made up 506600 tonnes (+16.3%), tomatoes 319500 tonnes (+49.8%), […]

A carbon neutral solution for desalination? Maybe so by tapping into geothermal

Water shortages are hitting some areas of the world hard, and with increasing global temperatures, more regions may be experiencing drought conditions. Countries such as Saudi Arabia rely on desalination plants to provide drinking water to their residents, producing 5 million cubic meters of desalinated water per day. The method requires a high amount of […]

Lipetsk aims to produce 190,000 tonnes of greenhouse vegetables per year by 2020

Agrarian enterprises in the Lipetsk region plan to raise their production of greenhouse vegetables to 190,000 tonnes per year by 2020, as the regional press-service recently communicated to TASS on behalf of acting regional Governor Igor Artamonov, following a working visit with Vice-Premier Aleksei Gordeev. “Through 2020, total greenhouse area will exceed 200 hectares, and […]

Production of niche greenhouse vegetables could double by 2023

According to projections by the National Horticultural and Vegetable Association, by 2023-2024, production of niche-market greenhouse vegetables (peppers, aubergine, squash, and others) and salad greens is likely to double. Meanwhile, the segment of premium tomatoes and cucumbers is likely to be fully satisfied by domestic production already by 2020, said Kirill Lashin, the organisation’s head […]