I have noticed and I am sure I will always state that the efficient organization of Vostock Capital for the development of these events as well as the inclusion of some platforms that are not common, that is, we do not see them often in our webinars events. I found it quite interesting because it is the technological platforms that support these innovative events, whether it is to have meetings or to participate in networking sessions. So, I can say that your platform has been excellent and this has been a great part of the success of these workshops.
Ministry of Mines and Energy, Peru
Roberto Tamayo

The main advantage of online events is the way people can interact without having to be in the same place. We were able to meet important people and decision makers from mining groups that are about to set up in Peru or that already have projects and want to expand. These types of events can facilitate the commercial expansion, helping you build relationships and connecting with those contacts that can sometimes be hard to reach.
Iván Orozco

I really liked the efficiency of the format, especially your support. Because one of the concerns when you go to an online event is precisely to ensure that you will be able to make it to the meetings, to talk to people, and for this I think that your support is fundamental. You also assigned a person dedicated to us, who was always on line, confirming if the meetings were held, updating the schedule. All this, I believe in an online event is very important for it to be successful.
Milton Malva