Dmitry Medvedev gives in to the taste of a Stavropol strawberry

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently assessed perspectives on a greenhouse project for strawberry cultivation in Stavropol province. This, along with other greenhouse projects, was presented at the “Golden Fall” agricultural exhibition.

Presenting at the Stavropol regional stand for a major Russian agricultural exposition, the regional governor discussed the project, recently realized at a cost of approximately one billion rubles. He also mentioned the creation of an additional major greenhouse complex on the outskirts of Kislovodsk with an area of 6 hectares.

Annual harvests of strawberries from this complex could total as much as 820 tonnes. The project is being realized by the Vostock Capital company in collaboration with the project’s regional operator, “Taste of Stavropol”.

Medvedev noted the favourable climate of the Stavropol region for strawberry cultivation, which made the project attractive. He also promised that the government would work through questions of support for greenhouse cultivation of berries within existing frameworks for subsidized greenhouse agriculture.

In opening the exposition, the Prime Minister also noted the unprecedented support for the Russian agriculture industry, which over the past six years constituted in total 1.2 trillion rubles. “This year alone, we foresee the expenditure of over 250 billion rubles in federal funds”, he said.

On the first day of the exposition, a contract was also signed between the Stavropol province and ZAO “Belaya Dacha Trading”, for the construction in the Predgorniy region of a 7.2 hectare second-stage greenhouse complex built with new resource-saving technologies. The cost of the project may reach 1.4 billion rubles.

Previously, Belaya Dacha built a first-stage greenhouse complex in the province, investing 2.5 billion rubles. The total area of the complex, inclusive of the second stage, totals approximately 15 hectares. Annually, the complex will produce 500 tonnes of salad greens and 4,500 tonnes of tomatoes.

We also note that the production of an additional 50 agricultural and 14 livestock enterprises was demonstrated on behalf of the Stavropol province at the exposition. The region also demonstrated several prospective investment projects in the agricultural sphere.

Source: MK