Lipetsk aims to produce 190,000 tonnes of greenhouse vegetables per year by 2020

Agrarian enterprises in the Lipetsk region plan to raise their production of greenhouse vegetables to 190,000 tonnes per year by 2020, as the regional press-service recently communicated to TASS on behalf of acting regional Governor Igor Artamonov, following a working visit with Vice-Premier Aleksei Gordeev.

“Through 2020, total greenhouse area will exceed 200 hectares, and we expect harvests to reach as much as 190,000 tonnes of vegetables” he said to the agency, referring to data communicated during the meeting with Artamonov.

At the present time, as noted by the press service, four companies are currently engaged in greenhouse agriculture in the Lipetsk region, and total greenhouse area stands at 106 hectares. In November, one more company plans to bring an 11-hectare, first-stage greenhouse into operation.

“The Lipetsk region currently ranks third in Russia by harvest of closed-cultivation vegetables, and based on that indicator we are leaders in greenhouse agriculture, along with Krasnodar and Stavropol, said Artamonov. He also noted that one particularly useful support for local agriculture has been the installation of fifth-generation greenhouses using UltraClima technologies, which have helped to provide optimal growing conditions.

Source: TASS