Jean-Mark Ichbia

This is a magnificent congress, as here you can meet all the LNG market players!

Jean-Mark Ichbia / NOVATEK

Pavel Zavalnyi

LNG demand will experience a 60% growth during the following decade.

Pavel Zavalnyi / Russia 24

Didier Barbandiere

This event enables our communication with major clients in Russia and tie new contacts!

Didier Barbandiere / Technip

Alexander Gromov

As a professional, I can say that the congress is properly organized. A great composition of participants from the industry colleagues and equipment suppliers. A fabulous event!

Alexander Gromov / Gazprom proyektirovaniye

Rustam Shaidullin

The goals and meetings, scheduled for the congress, were successfully implemented. All objectives have been achieved.

Rustam Shaidullin / KBR Russia

Sergey Goncharov

It was exciting; we have met a lot of new people there! That congress was very useful for us

Sergey Goncharov / Duglas Alliance

Boris Lysenko

The congress was useful, there are many hydropower companies. We meet many interesting and competent people here

Boris Lysenko / Volga Group of Companies

Ulanbek Ryskulov

I am very glad to be here because the platform united all parties involved in hydropower

Ulanbek Ryskulov / State Committee for industry, energy and subsoil management of the Kyrgyz Republic

Aleksandr Gareev

The conference was prominent first of all, because of the notable participants in the sphere of hydropower

Aleksandr Gareev / Eurasian Development Bank

Zair Kashek

In my opinion, the congress is well-organized, with due regard to the sector specifics

Zair Kashek / AES Corporation Kazakhstan

Alexander Grishin

That was the most interesting forum in recent years. The team of Vostock Capital has done a substantial work for us to feel comfortable here

Alexander Grishin / GE Hydro Solutions

Vitaliy Dragunov

The event was very useful, we had an opportunity to represent our hydropower products and now we have a clear idea of what our partners and colleagues do


Bogdan Subbota

Marvellous atmosphere, excellent people. This event is the place for people who are running their business with enthusiasm! The congress is perfect for networking!

Bogdan Subbota / Shell Neft

Vladimir Bystritskiy

As for me, it is an excellent event in the sphere of hydropower, everybody communicates freely.

Vladimir Bystritskiy / Trust Hydromontazh

Alexander Klevtsov

We are satisfied with the results, it was very useful. We have effectively implemented our programme of Georgian projects

Alexander Klevtsov / Capritech

Grzegorz Szuls

We just covered a lot of new opportunities during today in Tbilisi conference

Grzegorz Szuls / Vers WWTech Group

Fatih Haskilic

We can say that this forum was very efficient for our company and we will be glad to come next year!

Fatih Haskilic / Voith Hydro

Huseyin Semiz

It was very well organised. We especially appreciated the assistance of personal manager with business meetings

Huseyin Semiz / Global hydro energy

Nikoloz Tabatadze

It was very useful, because the conference provides very good networking opportunities. It was really useful to see some of our partners clients during the conference

Nikoloz Tabatadze / Andritz Hydro

Cem Aker

I would definitely recommend this event to my colleagues and business parnters

Cem Aker / Dolsar Engineering Inc. CO

Shahab Attaie

I met a lot of potential new business partners, that hopefully in future we will make connections

Shahab Attaie / Sadafzar