“This is the best event on LNG in Russia, this is the one where we manage to meet our clients most easily and get up-to-date information”
Sverre Gravdahl

“It is important that we have a congress dedicated solely to LNG, which many people from the industry attend”
Mark Jetway

“It is always good to be in a group of key players in the industry, and this is the only event worth coming to in Russia”
David Colson

«TechnipFMC attends every year this event. It is always very good in terms of networking – we have met many clients. I wish to come back next year as usual! I strongly recommend it to all partners and vendors to attend!»
Didier Barbandiere

“Vostock Capital’s business model is outstanding for bringing together the homogeneous group of professionals and experts, who understand each other, being on one wavelength, thus reaching mutual understanding and arriving at optimal decisions easily and quickly.
Deputy Head of R&D and RIA management, Federal Institute of Industrial Property
Alexander Sysoenko

My daily job is quite hectic and there are so many urgent questions on cargoes and transshipment to be solved every day that it is extremely hard to keep up with the latest industry news. ‘Oil Terminal’ gives us an opportunity to switch our attention from operational tasks to more strategic ones, to find out what has changed in the market during the year, think it through and develop ideas and strategies in regards to new transportation routes, as well as meet and communicate with industry colleagues and partners. ‘Oil Terminal’ is a great event to update your market knowledge in a busy life as either a logistics manager or oil trader. You can also get an access to extremely valuable information and new contacts.
Olga Kurenkova

For me, attending ‘Oil Terminal’ Congress has been a delightful annual tradition for many years. Vostock Capital does an amazing job. ‘Oil Terminal’ allows its participants to catch up, as well as meet new business partners. You can literally meet EVERYONE here! When I attend the Congress, I am always sure that presentations will be professional and engaging, with speakers sharing their views on all market changes throughout the year. It is always hard to find time to attend congresses and conferences; however, every year I reserve 2–3 days in November to take part in ‘Oil Terminal’.
Trafigura Russia
Elena Peresedova

Port of Amsterdam has participated in ‘Oil Terminal’ Congress since 2006; moreover, the last three years we have been sponsors of the event. This is a must-attend event for EVERYONE who wants to work with Russia on crude oil products and liquefied gas transportation. The organisers always guarantee a high standard of venues, the most topical themes and high-quality agenda, and amazing networking opportunities to build long-term partnerships. ‘Oil Terminal’ is truly the major industry event! We recommend it to our colleagues and partners and look forward to the meeting in Saint-Petersburg this year!
Port of Amsterdam
Ruud van Stralen

Thank you for your hospitality. I feel that I’m so lucky to participate in the conference. Honestly speaking, while most of the conference in Russia is just superficial, always happens VIP not to come and presentation is boring with just advertisement, your conference is full of contents, much information which even experts in Moscow would not be able to touch. I really wish to attend the conference next year again.
Daiske Harada

Russian Helicopters has taken part in two Yamal Oil and Gas conferences, in 2012 and 2013. Both times, our participation has proved very effective for us. The events have been attended by developers as well as oil and gas equipment operators, a majority of them being leading Russian companies, and quite a few companies from abroad. It was also important for us to see the conferences attended by major public authorities. As participants, we have received a unique opportunity to share our own experience and to get to know the achievements of our competitors and companies from related sectors of science and technology. The conferences have demonstrated the huge potential of the region, and the need for a further focus on it in our business interests. All of the events were conducted at the highest level testifying to the professionalism of their organisers.
Russian Helicopters
Vadim Mikheyev

“Excellent, personal manager Anna was perfect”
Shahab Attaie

“One of the best in this region, we’ve seen a lot of conferences, and up to now, this is the best”
Voith Hydro
Fatih Haskilic

“The event was so far very good for us, very impressed by the quality of the visitors and organization as well”
Commercial Director, Van Der Hoeven
Peter Spaans

“For sure, this forum meets my expectations. Compliments to the organizers”
Agriculture and Innovation Dept., Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Meeuwes Brouwer

“The networking was excellent, everything was very good”
KBR Ltd.
Philip Hunter

“It’s always a pleasure to come to this kind of events, we are really happy to attend conferences of Vostock Capital – it’s always a good way to meet potential clients”
Didier Barbandiere

“It’s a very good congress; you can meet main actors of LNG field and increase the networking”
Jean-Marc Ichbia

“I’ll definitely recommend this excellent event, because it’s very well balanced: in programme, in format, in number of delegates between Russians and foreigners”
Дионисос Ставракас

“It’s organized very well, we are very happy with the organization, everything is great. The networking is really good and it’s enough time for that, – well done as well”
Eniram Ltd.
Elisa Hauhia

“This is probably the only one in the world which exclusively focuses on Russian LNG industry. Out of many conferences I held around the world, this event is probably the only one, where you can meet all the main players, who are acting on Russian markets, it’s also highly valuable for networking opportunities”
ICIS Heren
Roman Razmin

Yamal Oil and Gas conference plays a vital role in speeding up the process of Yamal’s development and the second aspect is high professionalism in terms of organizing the event.
Ecolog International, Russia
Armend Zylali

It is already for a second time that Total is taking part in the Yamal Oil and Gas conference held in Salekhard every year. Each time we see here various government officials including the regional leaders who have been taking active part in the conference, and also the leaders of the key companies operating in the region. The organizers have been succeeding in bringing together the people who are keen on reasonable, safe and efficient development of Yamal’s resources, and providing a perfect platform for business meetings and discussions. We appreciate Yamal Oil and Gas not only for the interesting reports delivered by our colleagues from the oil and gas industry but also for an open and warm environment combined with the excellent work of its organizers. All of it makes Yamal Oil and Gas an important item on the business agenda of Total’s workers and a place one would like to keep coming to over and over again. Thank you!
Total Exploration and Production Russia
Maxim Marchenko

It is important that the Yamal Oil & Gas Conference is held here, in Salekhard where Yamal LNG operates, where many other Russian oil and gas companies operate. I believe it is most appropriate to meet and communicate specifically in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, one of the most strategically important resource-rich regions in Russia. The format of this conference helps to get to know our colleagues’ experience, present our project’s progress while the composition of its participants makes it possible to discuss the current issues of the oil and gas sector, listen to our peers’ comments, and bring up similar issues and challenges arising from working in the High North. This year we sent to Yamal Oil & Gas an expanded team of specialists from Yamal LNG, presented our project, furnished details about its current status of implementation and saw huge interest in it. I hope that the next Yamal Oil & Gas conference will turn into an even higher-profile, thriving platform for the global professional community so I wish to this event’s organizers and to all of us, its participants, that we could identify even more interesting forms of work and communication for Yamal Oil & Gas 2014.
Yamal LNG
Gleb Luxemburg

Thank you for having organised the event to a high standard, and for your contribution to innovative development of the energy industry.
Alexander Bychkov

I am pleased to note that the first Russian nationwide RKM conference in 2012 attracted the best knowledge management experts in the energy industry.
Sergey Kiriyenko

I was greatly impressed by the high professionalism, the programme quality and attention to detail demonstrated by Vostock Capital. Every event they manage becomes very special and indeed highly relevant.
Vyacheslav Pershukov

I am pleased to recommend our partner, Vostock Capital, as a reliable team of professionals, which operates in the region for over years now, organising “Yamal Oil & Gas” conference, that we support.
The Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District
Dmitriy Kobylkin