Chernomortransneft has started building six storage tanks at Sheskharis terminal

Chernomortransneft has initiated the construction of six vertical storage tanks as of 30k cbm each at Grushovaya site within the framework of the package Sheskharis reconstruction programme. The reservoirs are designed for diesel fuel and gasoline storage. Phase one is scheduled for 2019, whereas phase 2 – for 2020. Groundworks are currently underway.

Moreover, Grushovaya and Sheskharis sites host construction and installation works for 9 other facilities. Grushovaya site features the installation of integrated gantry utilities and perimeter fencing for temporary metal junk storage facility. The reconstruction of Novorossiysk checkpoint and fire pump station at the tank storage is in progress as well. Ongoing engineering protection operations include stabilisation of the Bogago river bed and the completion of the gravity wall for the Siberian fissure. Sheskharis facility also accommodates civil works for a firehouse, structural steel works, and wall and floor slab installation.