URALCHEM has spent 270m RUB on environmental, energy saving and resource economy projects

URALCHEM carried on financing nature protection, energy saving and resource economy in 2017. Top priorities include mitigation of environmental impact and smart use of natural and energy sources. A total of 270m RUB were allocated on these objectives last year.

The company carries out regular work for enhancing process flows and upgrading and restoring waste treatment facilities, and analyses in-process emissions. Owing to the effective energy saving and source economy policy, URALCHEM has managed to reduce the consumption of energy sources, namely, natural gas and electricity.

2017 registered 23 energy saving measures at URALCHEM. Modernisation and reconstruction of the most power consuming nodes took place (electric equipment, lighting system, water circulation cycles, water supply and discharge pipelines, heaters and main energy flow meters). The expected economic effect from the introduction of energy saving package totals 50m RUB annually. Since the start of the company, URALCHEM is committed to the sustainable development concept, the key element of which is energy saving and resource economy. The company has initiated a 5-year programme for the period before 2020, which stipulates for energy efficiency and resource economy.