Experience sharing programmes, onsite visits and tours represent a unique format of technological consulting developed by Vostock Capital. These programmes offer a balanced combination of theory, international case studies and technical visits to restricted-access areas and facilities, such as oil and gas production platforms, unique oil and gas fields, research centres, technology development and testing facilities, command and control centres, oil terminals, ports, exchanges, banks, pricing agencies, etc.

Taking part in our programmes, you will:

Every programme is unique, being a “turn-key” product with no close match in the marketplace; the delegate package includes hotel accommodation, transfers and meals. For more information on upcoming programmes or to request development of a DEDICATED PROGRAMME FOR YOUR COMPANY, please call our offices +7499 505 1 505, +44 207 3943090, or e-mail  [email protected].

 Some examples of Experience Sharing Programmes, delivered by Vostock Capital:

Development and operation of Arctic fields. Innovative technology. The experience of Norway.
The programme took place in Saint Petersburg and comprised presentations made by experts and chief engineers representing mainly Norwegian companies, such as FMC Technologies, Technip, Kvaerner ASA, Roxar, Cooper, MNS, RPS Group Energy, INTSOK. The programme provided a deep insight into the rich international experience accumulated by these companies, based on current or upcoming Arctic field development or platform construction and operation projects. The delegates of the programme were given a unique opportunity to listen and talk to experts who were directly involved in the design, engineering and operation of platforms of various types, ask questions on their particular areas of interest and receive feedback based on longtime practical experience, substantiated with photo and video.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability concept for companies of the mineral resources and energy sector. The UK experience.
The programme consisted in site visits, practical exercises, case studies and master classes from the best consultancies, associations and leading companies in the mineral resources sector involved in the development of CSR, sustainability, PR and GR strategies. The UK has taken the lead in Europe in terms of the development of successful CSR strategies. The UK companies rank first on the list of the most stable and socially responsible corporate citizens. Being one of the global financial centres, in 2001 London introduced a new financial index, FTSE4GOOD, similar to the US Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), which provided yet another evidence of the correlation between CSR and shareholder value. About 10 years ago the UK Government instituted a ministerial post for CSR, with the responsibility for overseeing and driving the CSR agenda in collaboration with the business. The programme has been designed for mineral resources companies in Russia and CIS, in order to facilitate exposure to British best practices, ideas and trends in global CSR and sustainability. The integration of CSR in business is seen to secure long-term sustainability.

Track – a new strategy for offshore field development. Automation of drilling and heat exchange enhancement methods.
This programme was delivered twice in Norway (in the cities of Stavanger, Oslo, Arendal). It was focused on the unique experience gained by Norwegian oil companies and manufacturers of oil and gas equipment in offshore development based on the new Fast Track concept used by Statoil for most of its fields. The programme consisted in technical visits to leading technology and service centres, such as Sevan Marine, Roxar/Emerson, Ullrig, Statoil, FMC Technologies, Technip. Also, the programme involved a visit to Sevan Voyager platform upgraded for ENI Norge, and to the absolutely unique International Research Institute of Stavanger specializing in research focusing on drilling methods, well operation, oil recovery enhancement, completion and simulations for specific fields.

Road construction in challenging natural and climatic conditions of the Extreme North. The experience of Norway.
The programme for the sharing of experience with the Norwegian State Roads Administration was developed specially for the Transport and Roads Department of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District and local road construction companies, to help them establish contacts with leading Norwegian road construction companies and manufacturers of materials used in road building. The programme provided a detailed insight into the experience gained in Norway in the construction, maintenance and repair of motorways in challenging climatic conditions, into the latest developments in road planning, construction and operation in low-temperature environments and sharp temperature swings, as well as in swampy or flood-prone areas, and into the technology used for the manufacturing of road surfacing demonstrated by Mesta, NCС, Shell Bitumen and other companies.

Onshore and offshore emergency oil spill response. International experience for top management.
The programme took place in Southampton, UK, in the Oil Spill Response training centre, and looked into spill response capacity built by OSRL. OSRL is the world’s largest organisation in the field, founded and funded by major oil & gas companies, including British Petroleum, Chevron Texaco, Conoco Philips, Kuwait Petroleum, ExxonMobil, Shell, HydroStatoil, Total, ENI s.p.a. and others. Since foundation, OSRL has successfully addressed over 250 major oil spills in 25 countries, using, in particular, its three own Aerial Dispersant Delivery Systems (ADDS) and NIMBUS dispersant delivery systems. The programme focused on training in oil spill response measures, based on sharing experiences, lectures, practical exercises and practical guidance for the development of an Emergency Oil Spill Response Plan. Also, the programme involved a technical visit to Vikoma International Ltd manufacturing site for familiarisation with new spill response technology and equipment.

Feedback from programme delegates:

“This was the first time I took part in an experience sharing programme in the upstream sector. It is worth noting that it did not have tedious seminars with presentations and slides – rather, it was about live discussions and exchange of views, and also included technical visits to major Norwegian companies. The visits were thoroughly prepared and informative. The programme has helped me in just seven days to significantly broaden my knowledge of international experience, to gain deep insight into the subject. The opportunity to visit unique facilities and manufacturing sites with cutting-edge equipment has played a key part in this, of course, along with perfect organisation of the event. I readily recommend this programme to my colleagues in the company and in the industry!”
Vadim Akhmatov,
Head of Liquidity Management Section,
Gazpromneft NTC

In the course of consultations for the selection of a platform for operation in ice-bound environments, the visit to Sevan Voyager platform in Norway became the most valuable and bright experience for me. For the first time in the 40 years in the industry, I have visited an operating offshore platform and had a chance to ask any questions to the people who are closely familiar with its operation. This has been truly an invaluable experience, and I appreciate how difficult it must have been to organise a visit to restricted-access facility of this kind. Thank you very much for making this happen, everything was absolutely perfect!”
Valeriy Cholovskiy,
Technical Director,
Sakhalin Energy

“The programme was quite intensive, with almost 20 experts who have covered various CSR subjects. A lot of very useful information! The delegates had an opportunity to share their experiences. The event was very well organised, both in and beyond the lecture hall. Ideal for professionals who want to catch up on the latest best practice in this area”.
Zulfiya Muzafarova,
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. Kazakhstan Branch (KPO B.V.)

“I very much liked the rich programme content, and I was greatly impressed by the attitude of Norway to its resources, technology, safety. I am pleased to note welcoming attitude to our group on the part of Norwegian colleagues. The organisations visited in Norway ranged from research institutions to manufacturing sites. The visits to IRIS and the tour of the platform have left the brightest memories. Thank you very much for what I think has been the optimal programme content, itinerary and duration. I will be pleased to take part in similar programmes on more specialised subjects, e.g. “Offshore field geology and development”, “Scientific and research potential of Norway”. Thank you very much indeed for the invitation and perfect organisation!”
Vladislav Zhukov,
Head of Offshore Geology and Development Section,
Gazpromneft NTC