Russia tender hugely oversubscribed

Applications totalling 2.21GW have already been submitted in the procurement process, suggesting fierce competition.

Successful bidders will secure power supply contracts, under which they will receive top-up payments for 15 years.

Last year’s tender was divided among three large players: Finnish Fortum with Rusnano secured a 1GW portfolio of projects; VetroOGK, part of Rosatom, won 970MW, and Italy’s Enel was awarded 291MW.

All these companies are expected to compete in this latest procurement round, where projects are expected to be online by 2023.

State support measures in the Russian market of wind power are still valid until 2023. The government has not yet decided on further mechanisms for the development of the sector.

The majority of investors insist on the extension of the existing scheme of power supply contracts, while some members of the Russian government believe in the need of a change of a current scheme of state support of the domestic industry of wind power.

Source: WindPower Monthly